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19 Crafts That Look So Good You Could Probably Sell Them

Is it safe to say that you love to craft? I don’t think you would be here if you didn’t. This is a list of crafts that look so great you could probably sell them if you wanted to.

Or you could keep them for yourself — either way, these are some fine looking crafts.

1. Fabric Wall Art

I am not a big sewer but I do love all the pretty fabrics you can get.

This is a project that involves zero sewing, but allows you to pick out some pretty printed fabric.

I Heart Naptime

2. Sanitizer Jacket

A little bit of sewing on this one, but nothing that even an amateur can’t handle.

Plus, there’s a great easy-to-follow tutorial for those that aren’t expert seamstresses.

3. No-Sew Market Tote Bag

This easy-to-make tote will fit nicely in your purse. Gone are the days where you forgot to bring a bag to the market!

Martha Stewart

4. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

I’m in love with these! This is one craft that I’ll be making soon!

These look like something from Anthropologie — a perfect craft to perfect and sell, if you wanted to.

A Beautiful Mess

5. Pallet Mason Jar Vase

Perfect for those that love the farmhouse-style look.

Make one of these for your front porch and maybe a couple extra — just in case your friends want one after seeing yours!

Easy tips to protect silver jewellery from humidity this monsoon

The rainy season can cause damage to your silver jewellery, so it’s better to keep these tips is mind while using silver jewellery during monsoon. Keep it away from liquid cleaners and store it in ziplock plastic bags, say experts.

The rainy season is quick to take away the sheen from silver jewellery owing to the reaction it undergoes while in contact with humidity and air pollutants. Keep it away from liquid cleaners and store it in ziplock plastic bags, say experts.

Designer Anuradha Ramam and Tarang Arora, Creative Director and CEO at Amrapali Jewels, have a few handy tips:

* Remove your jewellery before going to shower or even before washing your hands. Clearly avoid wearing jewellery before heading outdoors while it’s raining.

* Avoid liquid cleaners on your jewellery as they get stuck in the engravings and cause dullness.

* Silver is vulnerable and it needs special attention when it comes to storage. You must reserve a different bag for your silver jewellery, preferably a ziplock plastic bag for your silver ornaments and stuff a thin layer of cotton on the walls of the bag. You can also consider a soft cotton or muslin cloth for the purpose. Not only the container should be moisture resistant but so should be the surroundings – unexposed to air and light.

* Commercial silver cleaners do more harm than good to your jewellery. They ruin the anti-tarnish coating and valuable patina that your silver has and leaves it more vulnerable than before. Besides, they might give a temporary solution for the upkeep of your jewellery, but affect it in the long run as it will tarnish quickly and need more frequent care.

* Take your jewellery to a professional silver cleaner or your jeweller to get it treated with the right equipment and treatments like the silver dip and more to maintain its lustre, brilliance and versatility.

* There are some economical and environment friendly silver cleaners right in your kitchen.

Soap and water: Consider a mild, ammonia and phosphate-free dishwashing soap with lukewarm water as your first preference to clean your ornament.

Olive oil and lemon juice: Mix half a cup of lemon juice with one teaspoon olive oil in a bowl. Take a small microfibre cloth. Dip the cloth in the solution and squeeze out the solution well. Then polish, rinse and dry your silver.

* When dressing, jewellery should always be worn in the end as cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to the delicate items.

* It is advisable to put activated charcoal and silicon pouch in the ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing.

Now smelling food can make you fat: Study

According to studies conducted by the University of California, the odour of what we eat can play a crucial role in how the body deals with calories. By the reports, If you cannot smell your food, you may burn it rather than store it and mere smelling of food can make you fat. The research was carried out on obese mice, it was noted that those mice that lost their sense of smell also lost weight. Interestingly, the newly slimmed-down and smell-deficient mice ate the same amount of food as mice that retained their sense of smell and, in fact, managed to gain more weight.

Now smelling food can make you fat: Study

Drinking coffee regularly can lead to a longer life: Experts

According to a new study by US researchers at the University Of Southern California (USC), people who drink regular or de-caffeinated coffee experience health benefits such as increased longevity. In a study of more than 1,80,000 participants, the researchers found out that people who drank coffee were exposed to lesser risks of health hazards and rather experienced health benefits including increased longevity.

Drinking coffee regularly can lead to a longer life: Experts