WhatsApp makes it easier to apply text font, find emojis on Android

WhatsApp on Android has made it easier for users to apply text font styles, and also search for emojis in the latest version of its app. WhatsApp’s new feature was first spotted by Android Police, which points out the new options are available in WhatsApp version 2.17.148. WhatsApp’s new tweaks were available to use in the Android Beta version of the app, and the stable Android build as well when we searched for the same. However, WhatsApp on iOS doesn’t yet have these features.

So what does the new WhatsApp feature mean for users? First, users can now easily find the option to change the font style for a text, without having to place the desired text between an asterisk, underscore, or tilde for this. Now a user can just long press the text they wish to convert to bold or italics or underscore. A little menu pops up asking for Cut, Copy or Paste options with three little dots at the end. Just tap on those, and it will open a more detailed menu.

Here a user will see options for Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Monospace and as well as Share option. Just tap on the style you wish to apply to a particular text, and it will take place automatically. The other new feature on WhatsApp is the option of searching for emojis by just typing in the keyword.

When you go to the emoji keyword, you’ll see a little search option at the bottom. Just type whatever emoji you wish to use, like say pig for the piggy emoji, and you’ll find the relevant result. This should be useful  for users whose only form of communication on the app is via emojis.


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